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Power BI Enterprise Solutions Workshop

Session description The purpose of this 3-hour fast-paced workshop is to apply proven, enterprise-scale best practices for Business Intelligence solutions with Power BI. With focus on foundational and iterative model design, CI/CD, future growth, and scalability; the workshop covers data acquisition, query design, data modeling, and visual reporting. Students will learn to develop solutions for… Read More »Power BI Enterprise Solutions Workshop

Optimizing models

Description of session You have heard that a star schemas are optimal for Power BI. You have seen the dramatic effect of compression on your data models. And the storage engine makes parallelism happen? Or something like that! Have you ever wondered why these things are true and how they work? Or how you can… Read More »Optimizing models

Hack the visuals

Session description Visuals are a tool that helps us get information out of data. But they have a lot of settings that reduce readability and clarity. Therefore, we must focus on the form we want to convey individual information and what additional information we will display. Native settings + Field Parameters + Calculation Groups +… Read More »Hack the visuals