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Unleash full power of built-in Power BI visuals, create custom IBCS-styled charts using DAX only!

June 3 @ 16:00 - 19:00

Session description

Earlier in 2023, the ability to customize the width and height of SVG images in the Matrix and Table visuals was introduced, along with a New Card visual that supports SVG images.

Andrzej Leszkiewicz will demonstrate how these features can be leveraged to create advanced custom data visualizations without the need for custom Power BI visuals.

Andrzej will show how to transform a lackluster and ineffective matrix or table into a highly effective data visualization. He will cover how to embed multiple charts into a table or matrix and how to format the visualization in accordance with the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) guidelines.

You’ll learn how IBCS-styled data visualizations improve the interpretability of data visualizations and how to incorporate them into your reports without paying for custom visuals licenses, using only core visuals and open-source solutions based on DAX and SVG.

You’ll learn how a single DAX measure can be used to generate a chart (SVG image) that can be used as a standalone chart or can be embedded into a cell of a table or matrix as part of a larger data visualization such as a small multiple.

You’ll learn how to use calculation groups to make DAX code that generates SVG charts reusable – only one instance of DAX code is required to generate multiple charts of the same type.

To participate in this session, you don’t need to know what IBCS is, but intermediate understanding of DAX is advised; variables, calculation groups, and CALCULATE, CALCULATETABLE, FILTER, HASONEVALUE, SELECTEDVALUE, ALLSELECTED, SWITCH, ADDCOLUMNS, MINX, MAXX, AVERAGEX, DIVIDE, ROUND, ABS, SELECTEDMEASURE, SELECTEDMEASURENAME functions are used. Basic understanding of SVG images (rect, line, text elements are used) will be useful.

Unleash hidden power of built-in Power BI visuals! Increase interpretability of your data visualizations!

Andrzej Leszkiewicz

Data Visualization Enthusiast.

Custom Data Visualization Wizard — creator of highly customized and interactive data visualizations (created using Vega visualization grammar and Deneb custom visual for Power BI).

Power BI Core Visuals Master — introduced high-quality IBCS-styled data visualizations embedded into built-in Power BI table and matrix visuals.

Full-time independent freelancer since 2011, currently specializing in Power BI and data visualization. Previously worked as an Excel VBA developer. Worked as an IT project manager and CIO in non-IT companies before becoming a freelancer.
Has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Project Management.


June 3
16:00 - 19:00
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Andrzej Leszkiewicz