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Ticket sale is open !

The total price for attending the Power BI Cruise is DKK 6.000,- This includes 3 deep-dive sessions of each 3 hours, your own single cabin for two nights including all meals onboard.

There will more over be organized time for QA sessions and plenty of opportunity to network in between. You will get a unique opportunity to get world-class learning and knowledge from the 15 Power BI experts onboard.

Select your sessions

Due to limited capacity in the rooms, you need to select your sessions upfront as part of the registration. The sessions is divided into 3 blocks:

  • June 3 @ 12:00 – 15:00
  • June 3 @ 16:00 – 19:00
  • June 4 @ 15:00 – 18:00

You must “buy” a session for each block and you can only enroll one person per registration. We only accept payment with Visa and Mastercard.

Do you need some good arguments for your manager before asking to join the Power BI Cruise? Don´t worry, we got you covered.

So, what makes Power BI Cruise different?

The sessions are 3 hour long

This allows for a deep dive into the topic. Normally when you go to a conference you will spend 45-60 min hearing about a topic. Or you will spend a whole day on the same topic. 3 hours allows the speaker to go to details but at the same time it doesn´t take a whole day. It´s not a course it´s a deep dive session. That is not something that you get at many conferences.

There are only 20 people at each session

Combined with the 3 hours session, the few attendees in each session allow the speaker to get their message clearly to all of them. Each attendee will get the attention they want/require from the speaker. Often at conferences you will get very large sessions. Most of the time you don´t know if there are going to be many or few in the session. Here the attendees and the speaker know the number of attendees and can plan for it.

Unprecedented access to the speakers and attendees

At a normal conference you will meet the speaker during the session and perhaps be able to talk to them straight after the session (if you don´t mind standing in line) and if you are lucky catch them in the hallway. On the Power BI Cruise the attendees will get unprecedented access to the speakers. Not only during the sessions but before and after. As we are on a ship, and we will eat all our meals together there is plenty of time to chat to them or ask them the tough real-world questions. Not only is it great access to the speakers but a great opportunity to build your own network by talking to the other attendees. Again, because you are together most of the time there are great opportunities for networking.

If they are worried about this being an unsustainable luxury cruise – just let them know that our conference is on a regular ferry transporting cargo and cars – so even if the facilities are top notch, this is a very sustainable mode of travel.